We are using TimeSolv http://www.timesolv.com for our small firm. It’s a cloud application so any of us can access it from wherever we are, and our bookkeeper can access it from her office. Password protected, of course, and you can specify that some users have limited access to the information.

TimeSolv allows for multiple timekeepers; detailed, lengthy descriptions of services; multiple billing rates (per client, per timekeeper, per service, or any combination); unlimited timers; professional-looking invoices and statements; integrated trust accounting; integrated client costs billing; multiple platforms (PC, Mac, etc.); works perfectly with my iPad.

Learning curve is not bad at all. TimeSolv staff trains each new customer individually and is readily available for questions and guidance. There is extensive on-line help.

Cost is per user, per month, though non-lawyer staff does not cost more. I paid for two years at one time and negotiated a nice discount. One month free trial.

We capture so much more time that TimeSolv has more than paid for itself already, and we’ve only been using if for five months.